my name is Anna and I am owner and lead designer at NORDEN German Design Studio. We are a Full Service Design + Fabrication Studio by day and a small batch product manufacturer by night.

At NORDEN, everything we do is designed and made with the highest commitment to quality and attention to detail.
Wherever possible, we work with local suppliers and use only the best, sustainable materials and processes to create our products. We always fabricate everything in house, with our team of skilled and kind designers, fabricators and craftsmen/women.

With pipapo, I wanted to create a colorful yet simplistic line of personal jewelry. 
I started with ear wear out of personal interest but it quickly sparked delight in others. So I was able to continue and build upon my passion of designing jewelry items that not only will make you happy but will spread delight to the people around you.

I hope you will love your pipapo jewelry as much as I do.

Xx, Anna

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